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Keeping track of your Payroll System, everything from Payroll Processing, Bookkeeping, and human resource management, we assist employers of all sizes and industries.

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For over 30 years, our clients have trusted us to provide accurate and compliant payroll services at affordable rates. Our payroll services include everything from payroll processing, bookkeeping, and human resource management to employers of all sizes and industries. No matter how complex your business is, we can customize a payroll system that fits your needs.

We provide the following payroll services:
  • Accurate Payroll processing
  • Payroll tax calculation, filing, and payments
  • Online payroll and reporting
  • Collecting time sheets
  • Direct deposit
  • Organizing Employee Deductions
  • Processing of New Hire Information
  • Retirement Planning
  • Year End Record-keeping and Distribution

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Accounting Professional Fort Myers
Payroll Services Fort Myers
How Do We Help Your Payroll Process?

Managing payroll tasks can be very difficult, as you have to keep track of every employee’s information constantly. Why use up your time keeping up with the ever-changing wage and hour laws when you can outsource your payroll process to experts? We take the time to add up employee hours each pay period and set up direct deposits. We also calculate payroll taxes and pay them to the appropriate agencies while filing your returns periodically.

Here’s how to outsource your payroll process to HGA:
  1. After a consultation, you send over your employees’ payroll information online or via fax.
  2. We run your payroll, set up direct deposits, and print your checks.
  3. We schedule payroll reports and email them to you
  4. We can sign your checks (if required).
  5. We deliver payroll reports and completed checks to your office or via email.
  6. We regularly update your payroll tax accounts, keeping them in compliance.
  7. All the while, you focus on running your business.

Payroll Services Fort Myers

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Reasons To Outsource Your Payroll To HGA

As a business owner, the last thing you want to do is spend limited time doing admin work. That’s why HGA is here. We can be your payroll provider, creating payroll plans that align seamlessly with your office needs, saving you the effort, time, and resources to focus on other aspects of your business.

  • Payroll Services Fort Myers
    Make Your Payday Easier

    Our experts work with top payroll software that speeds up your payroll process. With our help, you can set up an efficient payroll system that initiates a fast deposit and automates salary payment.

  • Payroll Services Fort Myers
    Save Time and Money

    Not only do we automate your payroll process, we calculate payroll taxes and pay them for you. You no longer have to incur additional charges for missing a tax payment.

  • Payroll Services Fort Myers

    Enjoy Peace of Mind

    Our payroll experts are only a phone call away. Let us handle your payroll and taxes, while you have more time for yourself.

Payroll Services Fort Myers

Pay Your Employees with Minimal Effort

Find out how HGA can simplify your payroll process!

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